Welcome to our website! Our prayer is for God to bless you as you chase after Him with reckless abandon. In a world that is constantly changing, filled with ever-greying absolutes, God's Word and gift of salvation are still paramount. We have an eternal calling that we must fulfill in bringing the transforming Gospel of Christ to this youth generation. We hope you enjoy your visit with us and have a blessed day.

Our Mission Statement

"Igniting this youth generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and a life lived for him."

Our Mission Verse

The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out. - Leviticus 6:13

Core Values

Excellence: Everything we do, we will do with wholehearted excellence, with the sole purpose of bringing the utmost glory to Jesus Christ.

Honor: We will conduct ourselves with honor and integrity, so that no one can question our motives or desires.

Teamwork: We will work together effectively and in submission to authority.

Vision: We will strive to have fresh vision and new dreams for what our students can accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

Faith: We will use the Word of God as the basis for everything that we do.